Djedar Rath

The Nomad

Djedar Rath is an enigma: a former slave who escaped from his masters more than once, he at last is truly free... or so he claims. Yet still he always chooses to wander alone, with at most a horse for company, never letting anyone get close and leading a solitary, nomadic life.

But it is a life of righteousness and devotion, both to his gods and to his order. The many strange tattoos that cover Djedar's body mark him as a captain of the Medjai: an enemy of those who would do evil and all who would defile the sacred sites and tombs of his homeland, Kemhet. Djedar serves the Medjai unflinchingly, his every movement calculated and vicious. Some doubt he actually serves them out of a desire to do good... but no one can know, and they say a lot of things.

Why Djedar chooses to eternally be alone remains a mystery - but he has his reasons. Unfortunately for his preferences, the time is coming that he must break his solitude...


Djedar is perhaps best known for his ruthless treatment of those who would dare commit evil, reserving unique hatred for those who would practice dark arts, worship dark gods and demons, defile tombs, and harm the innocent... as well as any and all slavers, regardless of their other qualities. He fights without honor and kills without mercy - an act he often deems necessary.


Djedar always travels alone, preferring no company at all or else only the company of animals to any people. Though he is quick to help those who need it, he will find any means to avoid anyone relying upon him for any extended period of time, especially traveling with him. Why he behaves with such strict rules of absolute solitude, he refuses to say. Some claim it may be an oath to one of his precious gods.


Djedar is incredibly devout, putting his faith in the gods above all things. One of the few ways to get him talking is to discuss his gods, particularly his chosen deities, Horus and Anubis, whom he says guide him and watch over him always. He takes special care to observe rites and rituals, and he puts great faith in the gods, their plans and designs, and Fate itself. Some even say he may frequently act as a masked priest of Anubis in certain cities during burial ceremonies.


Djedar never speaks of himself, his past, his current life, or provides reason for anything that he does. He often deflects with silence or an utterly irreverent answer, sometimes even bordering on inane, during which he usually only amuses himself. Occasionally, he will spin elaborate and increasingly ridiculous lies, only to admit later they were all false. It seems nothing can force him to discard even a shred of his mystery... for he trusts no one.

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Wulfgard: The Tomb of Ankhu

Deep in the deserts of Kemhet lies the resting place of Pharaoh Ankhu the Endless, an evil so powerful that the gods themselves sealed him away in a labyrinth. He wanders it as a cursed undead, a walking mummy, searching for his own still-beating heart. Now, the warlock Lord Tefnahkt the Red is seeking the lost tomb to unleash Ankhu’s power. One of Tefnahkt’s slaves, a man named Djedar Rath, may be the key to stopping him. Aided by the ancient order known as the Medjai, he must prevent Tefnahkt from freeing Ankhu and unleashing his wrath upon the world.

Inspired heavily by real-world ancient Egyptian and other mythologies – but with many original additions and elements – as well as the classic character-driven adventure genre that mixes aspects of action, thriller, and horror, with a tasteful sprinkling of levity, The Tomb of Ankhu is a tale of non-stop adventure and excitement that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Available for purchase here on my website, as well as many other retailers. Please note that ebooks sold through my site are fulfilled by BookFunnel, so please check your email used during payment after purchasing an ebook.

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