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Here you will find a quick and easy guide to all of my books relating to werewolves. Though I write about many subjects and in many genres, werewolves are my signature subject.

Explore below to find both my werewolf fiction, primarily but not exclusively set in the world of Wulfgard, which itself centers around werewolves; and my werewolf nonfiction, research on werewolves in real-world folklore and mythology, as well as analysis of and discussions of werewolves in folklore, popular culture, and the act of writing werewolves in fiction.

More books will be added as new titles are published.

Werewolf Fiction
Of many genres

Tales of Wulfgard, Volume 1

Tales of Wulfgard, Volume 1 is a collection of stories by brother and sister Justin R. R. Stebbins and Maegan A. Stebbins, set in the dark fantasy world of Wulfgard! There are 5 tales, each exploring the background of a particular important character of Wulfgard, including an elf thief and assassins, monster hunters facing a werewolf, and much more, in exciting character-establishment tales that get one’s feet wet in the world of Wulfgard.

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Werewolf Nonfiction
Real-world folklore, popular culture, analysis, and more

The Werewolf: Past and Future

Since before recorded history, werewolves have captivated human imagination. Today, werewolves are portrayed negatively. However, this was not the case long ago: the time has come to rediscover the legend of the werewolf. This book is my graduate-level thesis published into book format, a work of passion and lifelong dedication to werewolf studies. Be warned I can be strong in my convictions and opinions, both at the time of this book’s conception and now, regardless of how those opinions may evolve and change with time.

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Upcoming Werewolf Books

Wulfgard: The Prophecy of the Six, Book I - Knightfall (REVISION)

Sir Thomakos "Tom" Drake is a knight of the Achaean frontier city of Illikon. Together with his close friends and fellow soldiers, he wants only to protect his city and its people from any who would threaten them. But the Achaean Empire to which they swear loyalty is always seeking out new conflicts that put his city in danger.

When Sir Scaevius, Left Hand of the Emperor, arrives in Illikon to recruit Sir Drake to help fight the massing barbarian alliance to the North, Tom has no choice but to obey. But he does not obey without protest, and soon he finds himself fighting not only the barbarians, but his own superiors as well. Meanwhile, strange things begin happening to him. He suffers blackouts, and at night he is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Even worse, he finds himself being stalked by horrific monsters... werewolves. Hated by his superiors, hunted by beasts and assassins, Tom Drake must fight for his home, his life, and even his mind. The events that are about to unfold will change his life, and the world, forever.

Originally released in 2015, now prepare yourself to experience the revised and updated edition of Knightfall before the coming of the second book, Bloodmoon.

The revision will feature many new scenes, edits throughout, updates to better fit in with other stories of the universe, new characters, new arcs, and much more.

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