While I have I’ve written fiction about werewolves and studied werewolf folklore and pop culture for my entire life both passionately and professionally, they are not the only monsters I study. I also study all other kinds of mythology and folklore, and vampires take perhaps second place only to werewolves (and, you know, dragons…). All my sources are thoroughly checked by myself and others, and I take very seriously sharing only accurate information about any and all folklore and myth, as well as from popular culture.

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The following is a convenient database of all the vampire facts I’ve written, for easy reference. I will always keep this page updated with new vampire facts.

Vampire Fact Database

  • Etymology – The history and meaning behind the word “vampire.”
  • What IS a vampire? – What exactly is a vampire, anyway, and how do you define one? How does folklore define one? Are there different kinds?
  • Fangs – Did vampires have fangs in folklore? Where did the fang thing even come from? The answer might surprise you.
  • Animal Associations – Are vampires really associated with things like bats or wolves – or anything else?
  • Sunlight – Did vampires in folklore actually burn up in the sunlight?
  • Weaknesses – Vampire weaknesses in folklore and how that stacks up to the most commonly seen ones in pop culture.
  • Becoming a Vampire – A comparison of how people “became” vampires in pop culture versus how that happens in folklore – all the most common ones, at least.
  • On Vampire Intelligence – How smart were vampires in folklore, really?
  • Can vampirism be cured? – Is it possible in folklore to actually cure someone of being a vampire?
  • Vampire Hunters – Were “vampire hunters” a thing in actual folklore?
  • Physical Appearance – What did vampires look like in folklore?
  • How to Identify a Vampire – How could you tell if someone was a vampire in folklore?
  • The Importance of Dracula – How important was Dracula to all vampire concepts?
  • Association with Disease – Were vampires actually associated with disease in folklore?