The Werewolf: Past and Future – Lycanthropy’s Lost History and Modern Devolution

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Welcome to the home of Maegan A. “Maverick-Werewolf” Stebbins, author, werewolf scholar, and more.

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Fiction – A reasonably concise list of my currently-published fiction so far. Includes links to the books for sale on Amazon and, when applicable, links to where some of them can be read for free online.

Nonfiction – A list of my currently-published nonfiction so far, mostly research and argument on folklore (especially werewolves) and such.

Werewolf Fact Masterlist – An always-updated masterlist of all the werewolf facts I have ever written. Come here for all your werewolf info, both folklore and pop culture. Also be sure to check its subcategory, Werewolf Articles, for lots more info and thoughts on werewolves (especially in popular culture) and tips on writing them and other werewolf tropes!

Vampire Fact Masterlist – Another always-updated masterlist, this one for all of the vampire facts I have ever written. Come here for lots of vampire info, both folklore and pop culture.

Articles – Assorted standalone, longer-form articles I have written diving in-depth into various subjects, ranging from some elements of popular culture (and how those tie into folklore or don’t, and/or how they evolved in general), examinations of film, looks at other monsters and folklore things that aren’t werewolves or vampires, and more.

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