Caiden Voros

The Hunter

Soldier. Legionnaire. Monster hunter. Caiden “Caid” (“KAY-den”, “KAYD”) Voros (VOR-ose) has been many things. Born a commoner and trained in the art of war from the moment he could hold a sword, Caiden has lived a long and difficult life, which has only hardened his steely personality and stoic nature… and deepened the strange emptiness inside him that he cannot seem to fill.

Scars inside and out, Caiden works with calculated and seemingly cold precision. Combined with his strange and unknown abilities to sense the emotions and memories and very souls of those around him, he ultimately feels close to everyone in ways he never asked for, and close to no one in any way he would like.

But he’ll keep going. He’ll keep doing his job. Because someone has to do it. It gives him a purpose - and he is driven by the deep and eternal desire to do what’s right. To keep people safe.

The hunt never ends.


Perhaps Caiden's most defining trait to those around him - other than his immense size - is his stoicism. He comes across as almost cold in his lack of emotion of any kind, but it also means he is nearly always calm, able to take charge with a level head in most any situation. He is always professional and, usually, rather grim.


Going from legionnaire to centurion to monster hunter takes a lot of courage, and Caiden has it in abundance. Where other men and even other soldiers might run, Caiden will stand his ground, no matter the foe - especially if it means coming between someone else and danger.


Towering over every other person he has ever met and bound in enormous muscles, many would believe Caiden lacks intelligence - but he is a cunning hunter and master tactician, able to set traps for monsters, lead men to war, and direct soldiers on a battlefield with incredible skill.


Stoic, largely silent, and ever serious and grim, it is not difficult to guess that something haunts Caiden Voros... but it is much worse than most could imagine, for he can sense the very souls of those around him - and his own yearns always with something, plagued by a strange and disturbing emptiness that he has yet to understand.

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Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends is a collection of stories, each of which stand on its own, but they also build upon each other in a consecutive order, bridging a gap between a novel and short story collection. These stories follow monster hunter Caiden Voros and his partner Gwen Vergil as they embark on tales of mystery, horror, and adventure to track down monsters – the living dead, beast-men, shape-shifters, spirits, and many more – that would do harm to innocent lives and, by whatever means necessary, put a stop to their terrors. Their motives, however, are not always what they seem.

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Tales of Wulfgard, Volume 1

Tales of Wulfgard, Volume 1 is a collection of stories by brother and sister Justin R. R. Stebbins and Maegan A. Stebbins, set in the dark fantasy world of Wulfgard! There are 5 tales, each exploring the background of a particular important character of Wulfgard, including an elf thief and assassins, monster hunters facing a werewolf, and much more, in exciting character-establishment tales that get one’s feet wet in the world of Wulfgard.

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