Free Flash Fiction

FREE flash fiction (very short stories and/or scenes) set in Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, and other worlds, concisely showcasing characters, stories, and lore.


A boy born with the touch of ice finds himself facing the jaws of a cursed beast...

On a lonely farm on the far northern frontier of the Achaean Empire, a young boy is born with stark white hair – a mark of sorcery. His loving parents protect him and keep him hidden from the sight of others, who would surely see him killed for his dangerous abilities. But the fearful locals are not the only thing the family has to worry about: something lurks in the shadows of the forest near their home. Something with a taste for blood…

You will receive a free complete Wulfgard short story (not flash fiction length), "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," plus a preview of my popular nonfiction work The Werewolf: Past and Future if you sign up for my newsletter! You can also explore this page for other free fiction.

This section contains a variety of completely free very short fiction set in a variety of my universes, but with greatest focus on Wulfgard, as well as Nova Refuge.

This fiction is entirely free and may be published into free ebook collections in the future.

"Flash fiction" is the term I use to refer to extra short short stories, as well as scenes that lead into or are even a part of a larger work. Some will be complete stories, others will be primarily individual scenes. Consider them easily digestible showcases of characters, stories, and worlds. Explore the following list and follow the links to read the flash fiction.

Please give some a try, and don't forget to check out my published fiction too! Also be sure to check back frequently and/or sign up for my newsletter for flash fiction update roundups, as I write new flash fiction every month.

Wulfgard: Keeping Faith

Knight Templar Sir Stevan Randal and his squire Ameliora set out to investigate a mysterious evil... but the evil finds them first - and Ameliora learns a dark secret.

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Wulfgard: Aching Pride

Damian Deimos of the Red Legion just lost his commander to public punishment and disgrace - but, even against orders, he won't let him die... no matter who tries to stop him.

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Wulfgard: Touched by Fate

Once a farmboy born with the curse of magic and living secluded on his family farm (as seen in "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in Tales of Wulfgard, Vol I and available for free via my newsletter), Chrisanthos now lives with another curse - that of lycanthropy. Seeing his family again following a series of tragedies might overwhelm him... but he has to know if they're alright. Little does he realize his decision will lead him down a road to a fate far greater and more terrible than he ever imagined...

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