In settings vast and stories thrilling, what drives every good plot forward is even better characters. Here you can meet just a few of some of the most important characters in various stories.
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Custom LEGO creations of Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, and lots of movies, games, and more!
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Free Fiction

Free flash fiction (very short stories and/or scenes) set in Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, and other worlds, concisely showcasing characters, stories, and lore.
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I write many books, fiction and nonfiction. Check out my book shop or find them on Amazon and other sites!
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Handmade plushies (otherwise known as plush animals or stuffed animals) by yours truly of a variety of characters and creatures, including Wulfgard!
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Assorted articles I have written, including but not limited to commentaries on and studies on popular culture and film.
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Assorted works translated into English by yours truly, from a variety of languages.
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