In settings vast and stories thrilling, what drives every good plot forward is even better characters. Here you can meet just a few of some of the most important characters in various stories. Many of them you will find in multiple tales throughout their setting, most likely with more to come.

  • Dynamic

    My characters are both dynamic and realistic. They can at once be defined in just a few words and yet are so much more than that. Of course, this means you might not love all of them! Either way, they cannot be met well except in their own tales, in which they also grow and change.

  • Serious (but not overly so)

    The characters in my books are not self-referential and do not exist to poke fun at the worlds in which they live or the genres of their own stories. These are stories that take themselves seriously, and the characters do, too - though sometimes it is only as much as any real person ever does... and their personalities do vary.

  • Dark

    Even in the most lighthearted of my stories, you will generally find an underlying darkness. Haunted pasts and cursed souls are scattered amidst my characters, creating conflict in themselves and those around them... and their worlds are not often the kindest.

Character Elements
Other things to expect


Whether grim or a bit of a dork, you'll find all sorts of characters in my works to suit your tastes. Perhaps a vicious werewolf-knight, a cowardly demon, a stoic monster hunter, or even a stern starship captain or hotshot pilot, you never know who you might run into.

Sharp Dialogue

I consider my dialogue to be a highlight of my writing. Dialogue is sharply characterized, natural, and often snappy. In the case of comedic scenes, you may even occasionally encounter oldschool screwball comedy style banter.

Living World

Most stories aren't merely about one character. Characters both minor and major encounter each other throughout their worlds, creating friction and a variety of relationships in a constantly changing living world.


Characters in the world of Wulfgard

Nova Refuge

Characters in the world of Nova Refuge
  • John Synn Atlas
  • "Maverick-Wolf"
  • Zachary Novakowski
  • Henry Darrow
  • Aaron Rivers
  • Valerie Chase
  • Andrea Winters
  • Oom
  • Alexander Cutter
  • "Odysseus"
  • More to come!

These aren't by any means all the characters I write about, listed or otherwise. More characters and the worlds in which they live will be added over time. Check back for updates!

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