The Farmboy

Born to a simple family of farmers a few leagues away from the city of Rimegard, the parents of Chrisanthos - who goes by "Chris" - could have no doubt that their child was Gifted, as he was born with stark white hair. They nonetheless raised him as their beloved son, under the one condition that he never left the farm and no one knew of his existence...

As such, Chris has never seen any of the world or even met someone outside his immediate family: his father, mother, and little sister. Chris grew up being taught that he was dangerous and couldn't trust anyone, and many events led him to believe all of that was true. His emotions caused destruction around him - such as freezing an entire field of crops - and he has always lived under the burden of his uncontrollable magic, occasionally waking up to a frozen bedroom after having a nightmare.

Restless, afraid of himself, but eager to always be there for his family, Chris has obediently never run away from his farm home into a world that would kill him for the way he was born...

That is, until an encounter with a werewolf changed his life.


Not by choice, Chris has been a recluse for his entire life. A mistrust of others has been ingrained into him due to having been born with the Gift... and, from what little interaction he's had with others, his mistrust and reclusiveness are both well warranted. He has yet to break himself of his fear of others, for they fear him. This results in him preferring to be alone - despite his conundrum of also deeply desiring companionship.


Young and undisciplined, Chris is very emotionally unstable. He is too often ruled by his fear, anger, frustration, sadness, and loneliness. Such emotions cause him to lash out... and other powers within him lash out as well.


Despite his flaws, Chris has a good heart. He has the capacity to care deeply for others, and he loves his family far more than he loves himself. Though others generally are not kind to him, particularly if he so much as reveals his white hair, Chris is almost never truly unkind to others.


Though it can cause drawbacks in regard to his emotions, Chris is a playful soul even after all he has been through. Should the mood strike him and he can forget his woes, he still has a deep enjoyment of fun and games - and playing tricks, something for which his little sister knew him well.

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