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How to best approach my fiction

My fiction takes place in worlds alongside each other as well as other stories, such as those written by my brother Justin R.R. "Saber-Scorpion" Stebbins. My own books also take place along very particular timelines.

Thus, sometimes the reading order can be confusing, whether those books are Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, or otherwise.

Hopefully this page will help you figure out where to start for the best chronological experience... even if, really, you can start anywhere you like.

Ideal Starting Point - KNIGHTFALL

Though not the chronological beginning of my Wulfgard fiction, The Prophecy of the Six, Book I: Knightfall is the beginning of my most important book series.

It is designed to be an ideal point to begin my fiction, as well as being the centerpiece of everything I will ever create. It focuses on the characters dearest to my heart, their journeys, what I believe is my best whole story, and if you're here for werewolves, this series focuses heavily but not exclusively on werewolves, as well.

The Prophecy of the Six as a series is what I will consider the greatest achievement of my life whenever it is complete, and if one reads nothing else of my fiction, I would hope you would at least give this series a try.

Knightfall is due to be rereleased very soon with a major revision and expansion.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Dark Age Fantasy Stories of Many Genres
  • The Hunt Never Ends

    The start of the journeys of Caiden Voros and Gwen Vergil, monster hunters, this story collection is the chronological start of my Wulfgard stories as they currently stand, even if that may change in the future. Join Caiden and Gwen as they embark on a series of monster hunts thrilling, mysterious, and horrific, facing creatures such as undead, shapeshifters, beastfolk, spirits, and more.

    This story also prominently includes Tom Drake and is the chronological beginning of his written tales, as well.

    View the book here.

  • The Tomb & Curse of Ankhu

    The start of the series called Wulfgard: Djedar Rath, the two books The Tomb of Ankhu and The Curse of Ankhu directly lead into one another: a story of adventure, mystery, and horror, set in the mysterious deserts of Kemhet, Deshret, and even the Blasted Wastes of Wulfgard's far southern regions.

    View the first book, The Tomb of Ankhu, here.

  • "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

    Included in the collection Tales of Wulfgard: Volume I, the short story "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" introduces the character Chrisanthos and tells the beginning of his tale. Living on a simple farm with his family, Chrisanthos was born with mysterious power, the Gift of magic. But now something stalks the farm, and young Chrisanthos must protect his family from the greatest of horrors... a werewolf.

    View the short story collection here.

  • Redfield Incident (WORKING TITLE)

    Though not a direct sequel to The Hunt Never Ends, Redfield Incident (working title) continues the adventures of Caiden and Gwen in chronological order, taking place after Hunt, and sees Caiden return to his home and his family only to find them threatened by dark magic, undead... and the city's own prince.

    [Coming Very Soon]

  • The Dying of the Light

    The Dying of the Light can be read as a standalone book; however, it also takes place well after the events of The Curse of Ankhu and prominently includes Djedar Rath, while also introducing High Priestess Daria, whose peaceful life in the lavish High Temple of Ormazd is now threatened by a dark conspiracy - and even darker magic. Can she trust the tattooed stranger from the desert who seems to arrive just in time to rescue her?

    [Coming Soon]

  • Tom Drake: Demon Slayer

    An important installment in the journeys of many characters, Tom Drake: Demon Slayer includes Tom Drake, Victor Magnus, Caiden Voros, Gwen Vergil, Djedar Rath, Daria, Chrisanthos, and even more characters, making it a story with an ensemble cast - and a pivotal tale in all their lives.

    In the city of Illikon, recently knighted Sir Tom Drake undertakes an assignment from his King and Queen - he must save their young nephew from a clandestine cult of dangerous mages. Ordered to keep his mission secret from even his best friends, as it is treason against the Imperium itself, Tom must navigate his loyalty and his friendships while matters unravel and fear grows in his city. Can Tom both keep his secret and save the boy in time, before the mages are discovered and judgment is passed upon them once and for all?

    [Coming Soon]

  • The Prophecy of the Six, Book I: Knightfall

    The start of my most pivotal Wulfgard series, Knightfall is the first book in The Prophecy of the Six, which prominently features nearly all of my Wulfgard characters and tells the tale of Tom Drake, as well as his many companions, including Kye Vakurseth and Magnhild.

    War is brewing between the Imperium and Northrim, and Tom Drake's home of Illikon is now caught in the middle. Ordered to attack Northrim against his will by the overbearing Sir Scaevius, whose command no Imperial can disobey, Tom also faces strange events in his own life: plagued by nightmares and hunted by assassins, Tom finds himself questioning his own sanity even as he battles for his home and all he loves - and everything keeps coming back to the disturbing beasts like he has never seen, which stalk him in the night and even in his dreams... Werewolves.

    The events of Prophecy will change the face of Wulfgard forever.

    [Revision Coming Very Soon]

  • "Hunted"

    Included in the collection Tales of Wulfgard: Volume I, the short story "Hunted" concludes the series of Caiden Voros and Gwen Vergil while leading into The Prophecy of the Six, Book II: Bloodmoon.

    Caiden and Gwen are summoned to a small town and soon find themselves facing their greatest adversary yet: a werewolf. Will this be their final hunt?

    View the short story collection here.

You can find and/or will be able to find in the future all the titles listed here in the Books section with cover art, readable previews, and more!


Nova Refuge
Science-Fiction Stories of Many Genres
  • Bassline

    [Coming Very Soon]

  • Song of the Stars

    [Coming Soon]

You can find and/or will be able to find in the future all the titles listed here in the Books section with cover art, readable previews, and more!


More fiction - Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, and set in other universes and/or completely standalone - is always on the way!

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