Wulfgard: The Prophecy of the Six, Book I - Knightfall (REVISION)

Sir Thomakos "Tom" Drake is a knight of the Achaean frontier city of Illikon. Together with his close friends and fellow soldiers, he wants only to protect his city and its people from any who would threaten them. But the Achaean Empire to which they swear loyalty is always seeking out new conflicts that put his city in danger.

When Sir Scaevius, Left Hand of the Emperor, arrives in Illikon to recruit Sir Drake to help fight the massing barbarian alliance to the North, Tom has no choice but to obey. But he does not obey without protest, and soon he finds himself fighting not only the barbarians, but his own superiors as well. Meanwhile, strange things begin happening to him. He suffers blackouts, and at night he is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Even worse, he finds himself being stalked by horrific monsters... werewolves. Hated by his superiors, hunted by beasts and assassins, Tom Drake must fight for his home, his life, and even his mind. The events that are about to unfold will change his life, and the world, forever.

Originally released in 2015, now prepare yourself to experience the revised and updated edition of Knightfall before the coming of the second book, Bloodmoon.

The revision will feature many new scenes, edits throughout, updates to better fit in with other stories of the universe, new characters, new arcs, and much more.

November 2024

Werewolf Facts: A Guidebook to Lycanthropes and Folklore vs Popular Culture

If ever you've needed a quick reference guide to all things werewolf, look no farther. Werewolf Facts: A Guidebook to Lycanthropes and Folklore vs Popular Culture will give you every overview imaginable, from the weaknesses of the werewolf to how to become one and when they assume their bestial form. Not only will you find all this information and more, you'll also see a comparison of the original folklore sources on werewolves versus their portrayals in popular culture today. Werewolves have a vast and robust history comprised of many legends and folktales, and Werewolf Facts will take you from the world of ancient Greece to the time of witchcraft and sorcery in the Early Modern Period and to every corner of the globe. Pick up Werewolf Facts and learn why you too should set aside your pop culture assumptions about thes monsters and enjoy werewolves - while also learning about them and their complex history. Discover how they have always haunted the minds of humanity... and why they always will.

Coming 2025-2026

Wulfgard: Djedar Rath, Book II - The Curse of Ankhu

[synopsis coming soon]

Coming 2025

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