Damian Deimos

The Guardian

Damian Deimos knew nothing but training and war since his earliest childhood. Born a Nordling lost deep in Achaea but sent away to train in the Red Legion among the Achaean Empire's very best, Damian was raised a warrior, learning discipline, hardship, willpower, and loyalty - none of which could break his devil-may-care spirit. Spending time as a common soldier and as an officer in the Legion and even becoming lieutenant (optio) to one of the Red Legion's foremost centurions, Caiden Voros, Damian was a more than formidable foe... until it all came crashing down.

Following the disgrace of his centurion, his captain, Damian willingly left the Legion behind. He returned to his family home of Krisa, the great Imperial city of Achaea's mightiest oracle: the Pythia herself. Proving himself beyond worthy of the title, he became none other than the personal bodyguard to the Pythia and holy warrior of Apollo. His oath and duty to his god and the oracle are one of the few things in life he takes seriously - alongside his duty as an uncle.

For all his attitude, sarcastic retorts, constant wry commentary, self-deprecating humor, self-destructive 'courage,' and endlessly laid-back behavior, Damian hides a deep inner conflict laced with doubt and even fear. Keeping so many secrets and brimming with scarcely-contained emotion, Damian is an untold inferno waiting to catch flame...

And fate will be the spark.

Wit & Madness

Damian possesses a razor-sharp wit, faster than a striking serpent at coming up with all manner of retorts, remarks, and commentary for any situation. He takes virtually nothing too seriously, including himself, with a sense of humor and sarcasm almost second to none - and he is fearlessly willing to use this wit against anyone. Coupled with this, however, is what many claim to be genuine madness, given Damian's perchance for unpredictable behavior, inane remarks, mood swings, and occasionally... stranger occurrences.


Given his stunning good looks in everything from his face to his build like an Olympian statue, combined with his witticisms, it is no surprise Damian oozes charisma. In addition to charm that allows him to bed women, befriend men, and usually talk his way out of a fight, he also possesses the discipline and presence of a battlefield commander, able to take charge and lead those around him even in seemingly hopeless situations.


In spite of what one may believe, given his behavior, Damian is deeply devout and utterly dedicated to his god Apollo, his oaths, and the protection of the oracle that was entrusted to him. He truly believes in the will of the gods and turns often to his faith, using it to calm his turbulent soul, answer his doubts, and bring him peace or even courage when nothing else can. His faith is so powerful, in fact, that some say Apollo gifted Damian some of his own divine power should he call upon it in a time of utmost need.

Mood Swings & Viciousness

No matter how he behaves or how often he turns to the gods, Damian remains full of burning self-doubt, occasionally engaging in foolish, belligerent, and self-destructive behavior that seems contrary to his usual attitude. Many attribute this to mood swings or even genuine insanity. Swinging into a dark mindset, he can become a glutton for punishment as if atoning for untold sins - while at the same time showing scarcely-contained viciousness. Should a foe of the temple turn up bloodied and dead, or should an entire tavern suddenly end up drank dry with its patrons unconscious and beaten, those around Damian have learned not to ask questions... for his mood apparently fell. When that happens, it is best to stay out of his way.

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