Wulfgard LEGO – The Curse of Ankhu minifigs: Djedar, Dunewalker, and Buharum

Some new Wulfgard LEGO minifigs – three characters from The Curse of Ankhu series! Dunewalker, a mysterious Axan warrior and member of the Medjay order; Buharum, a Besak or Desert Dwarf and also a Medjay; and Djedar Rath clad in a simple shendyt, given his status as a slave.

Keep an eye out for more news about the first book in The Curse of Ankhu series very soon…

More pictures of these minifigs can be found with all my other Wulfgard LEGO creations under the Wulfgard LEGO section of my website.

Also, patrons will be getting a sneak peek of several other Wulfgard LEGO projects!

Until next time!