Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends

Story Series Collection

In the civilized world of humans, ‘monsters’ have all but passed into legend. But when something goes bump in the night, when people begin to disappear, when a dark mystery begins to haunt even the most peaceful villages, there is only one organization to turn to: the Hunters. The Venatori.

Having lived a life of discipline and service, former soldier Caiden Voros finds something even worse than the wars of humans: the monsters that hunt them. Horrors yet unknown even to him and his many scars await in the claws, talons, fangs, and mysterious powers of creatures so far beyond humans that he must dedicate himself entirely to the art of slaying them. Harboring a secret of his own and in a constant struggle to find answers while maintaining his sanity, however, Caiden begins to ask the age-old question… Who is truly worse, the monsters or the Men?

Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends is a collection of stories, each of which stand on its own, but they also build upon each other in a consecutive order, bridging a gap between a novel and short story collection. These stories follow monster hunter Caiden Voros and his partner Gwen Vergil as they embark on tales of mystery, horror, and adventure to track down monsters – the living dead, beast-men, shape-shifters, spirits, and many more – that would do harm to innocent lives and, by whatever means necessary, put a stop to their terrors. Their motives, however, are not always what they seem.

Available now in ebook and paperback

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Wulfgard: The Prophecy of the Six, Book I – Knightfall

Novel (first in series)

Sir Tom Drake is a knight of the Achaean frontier city of Illikon. Together with his close friends and fellow soldiers, he wants only to protect his city and its people from any who would threaten them. But the Achaean Empire to which they swear loyalty is always seeking out new conflicts that put his city in danger. When Sir Scaevius, Left Hand of the Emperor, arrives in Illikon to recruit Sir Drake to help fight the massing barbarian alliance to the North, Drake has no choice but to obey. But he does not obey without protest, and soon he finds himself fighting not only the barbarians, but his own superiors as well.

Meanwhile, strange things begin happening to him. He suffers blackouts, and at night he is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Even worse, he finds himself being stalked by horrific monsters… werewolves. Hated by his superiors, hunted by beasts and assassins, Tom Drake must fight for his home, his life, and even his mind. The events that are about to unfold will change his life, and the world, forever.

The first installment in Wulfgard’s most pivotal story and the story of Tom Drake and his companions, Knightfall is the first in the series that will tell the tale that decides the fate of the world – and show what the world once was… and how werewolves have always played a part in it.

(Currently under revision for rerelease, but the 2015 version is still available to purchase in ebook and paperback)

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Nova Refuge: Song of the Stars, Book I

Novel (first in series)

Pain. That was all he’d known for a while. Pain and solitude. Now he’s free – and he almost isn’t sure what to do with it.

Things seemed fairly ordinary for Major John Atlas – until his capture by an unknown organization performing mutative experiments on living Humans. Following a daring escape attempt, rescue arrives in the form of an exploration vessel, The Odyssey, commanded by the impressive Captain Valerie Chase.

Cleared for duty with a shockingly clean bill of health, Atlas becomes the leader of an increasingly close-knit exploration team. Together, they explore the universe – but as time passes and the darkness closes in again, as they discover a planet so lush with life it could serve as yet another New Earth save for its dark secret, he finds that perhaps he was not so untouched by those experiments, after all…

A science fiction series, the first installment of Nova Refuge: Song of the Stars begins the saga following a soldier on his exploration across the universe. Action, adventure, horror, and even some romance ensues as he joins the Victorian space exploration vessel The Odyssey and leads a team on missions of discovery – and, ultimately, not only discovering more about the universe, but also themselves.

Coming winter 2022