Written in response to this question:

Here’s a mystery: What happens when a werewolf astronaut goes to the moon? Does he wolf out in his suit and die? Never wolf out as it’s technically not the full moon?

I’ve heard this one a lot, so by now I’ve developed a response…

I think it’s pretty obvious that the whole moon connection is a very magical thing. There isn’t much magic in yeeting whence on out to the moon itself. My personal theory is that the moonlight is specifically required in order to affect werewolves at all. But moonlight is just sunlight (and some earthlight) reflected off the moon and sent back to earth. It’s this particular process that creates the magic necessary to influence werewolves.

Which of course could also mean that werewolves are affected by sunlight – if there is sunlight during the day enough to cancel the moonlight, since the moon can be “shining” even when the sun is up because it’s reflecting if it’s in phase. So does this mean that werewolves are much less likely to turn when the sun is shining? Would this affect them in space, and essentially make them immune to transforming, because of the influence of the sun?

Or is the curse itself just not stupid enough to not have a person turn when they are obviously in a situation where it would potentially kill them?

Anyway, by all that logic, if you go to the moon itself, there is no moonlight in the same way there is on earth, so there is no magic, and werewolves would be fine.

This is some hardcore werewolf theorizing, you guys. I have fun with it.

(I always prefer the magic over science approach with werewolves, and a werewolf going to the moon, to me, is totally viable and it’d be silly to say anything otherwise. I’m not going to get too deep into the science side of it, as a result.)