The answer is yes. Spoilers precede this warning.

There are so many reasons why werewolves will always outrun you no matter what form they take and no matter what you do. Want to hear why?

For starters, let’s talk about ordinary wolves. Actual, real-life wolves.

Wolves average a run speed around 40-45 miles per hour across relatively short distances, which isn’t counting the larger wolves that go even faster than that. We’re talking sprinting, chasing, hunting speed.

The average wolf can outrun the average horse (sorry, video games), and generally speaking wolves can outrun most any other animal in their habitat. This is just one of many reasons why wolves are an apex predator.

Over long distances? Wolves can average around 31-37 mph maintained speed for hours and hours on end, with some wolves having traveled as long as 12 hours, while maintaining this rate, to find new territory. Previous research has said 25 mph for these greater distances, so we’re learning more about wolves and how awesome they are all the time.

Oh, by the way, wolves are generally considered the greatest endurance runners of the animal kingdom.

Now, there are, of course, people who want to argue that a human can outrun wolves, horses, etc. over ridiculously long distances because of all these reasons that would never matter realistically in a survival situation, but anyway, if that’s what you want to say, go ahead.

Because then we bring werewolves into the equation: a combination of wolves, the best endurance runners and very fast to begin with, and humans, all thrown together with monstrous, inhuman strength, speed, and abilities.

Their prey would be very, very screwed.

So can werewolves outrun you? No doubt about it.

Can werewolves outrun your horse? No doubt about that either (please don’t kill your horse trying to push it to do something like that, jump off and let the werewolf eat you instead; think of the horses).

There is, of course, no specific number on werewolf speeds. But let’s face it: they’d be insanely fast. Think about everything in this post about wolves and their running, combined with human determination, combined with all those assorted werewolf abilities I’ve covered in past posts (masterlist here!).

All that being the case, a word of advice: don’t try to outrun a werewolf. It’s going to catch you, no matter what you do.