So hey, here’s a simple little question I get asked a lot. When was the last time you saw a story or something where people go up a tree to escape werewolves? (Or alternatively the absurdly, impossibly aggressive and angry wolves we so often see in media?)

The question, then, is – can werewolves climb trees?

Well, of course they can. Duh. They have hands, remember? (Some of them.)

Their aptitude for climbing trees is only logical, and it’s backed up by something very important: werewolves are half human. A lot of people forget that. They can climb trees like nobody’s business.

However, not all werewolves have hands!

What about those werewolves that just turn into wolves of ordinary or giant size? Can they climb trees?

The answer is still yes.

Why is this? Well, firstly, they’re also still half human. They’re intelligent, and if they really want to get up that tree for some reason, they’re also determined.

More than this, however, normal, real life wolves can climb trees.

If you’re like 99.9% of game developers, you probably equate wolves in pretty much every way to most all breeds of domestic dog, right? Well, don’t do that! Wolves are very very different from domestic dogs, no matter what anyone wants to think.

Can they climb as well as a cat? No, of course not. They aren’t cats.

Will they climb over a dozen feet into a tree if they so please, and just as easily get back down? Certainly. The main thing that will be holding a wolf back will be its size and weight, when it comes to trees.

Wolves are actually very good climbers; this is one reason why enclosures for wolfdogs, even those with relatively low amounts of wolf blood in their heritage, have to have certain heights of (very tall) walls, varying according to your local laws. Any wolf can get out of a fence that’s only 12 feet high or just over, and even much taller walls.

In case you don’t believe me, have some more wolves climbing trees:

And wolves also sharpen their claws on trees.

So now you know! Don’t try to hide up a tree from a werewolf. Even if you climb up high enough that the werewolf is too large and heavy to follow after you – what’s to stop it from just knocking the whole tree over, if it really hates you that much?