If you'd like to help support me and my work of any and all types, please do consider supporting me on Patreon. Here you will find details regarding all the many rewards offered to my Patreon supporters.

If you prefer one-time donations, you can also donate directly to my Paypal.

However, if you support my Patreon, you get lots of goodies in return!

I use my Patreon, first and foremost, as a way to connect with my supporters. I will directly communicate with those so generously supporting my work. For all your belief in me and your support of my creative efforts, I also do my best to give you back as much as I can.

For more info on each tier, please see the tier list on Patreon itself.

All tier art is of my Wulfgard protagonist Tom Drake in various levels of werewolf transformation; all are drawn by my brother, Justin RR "Saber-Scorpion" Stebbins.

The following are details regarding each and every Patreon reward...

Starting at the $1 Packmate tier, all patrons will receive access to my Journals.
They include Writing Journals, Folklore and Research Journals, Lore Journals, Art Journals, Character Journals, and the more generalized Update Journals wherein I discuss my progress with my various current projects. In these journals, I discuss the subject at hand in great detail, with a close behind-the-scenes look at my work, my writing process, my research, and how I create the things that I do, etc. You will also get to vote on upcoming journals and tell me what you'd like to read about!

Vote on upcoming folklore facts

Also starting at the $1 Packmate tier is access to polls where you can vote on my upcoming folklore facts. These include Werewolf Facts, Vampire Facts, and the more generalized Folklore Facts.

The polls will include several options to choose from, and patrons can vote for whichever they would like to read about next!

Note that I occasionally take breaks from my regularly-scheduled folklore facts, especially when I need all the time I can muster to focus on one or more particular projects, but I'll always get back around to resuming these after a potential hiatus.

Discord Color and Patron Channel Access

Also starting at the $1 Packmate tier is access to the Patron Tower channel on my personal Discord server (be sure to join that; don't worry, we don't bite, believe it or not)! The patron channel is where I and all your fellow patrons discuss the exclusive stuff you'll be seeing after you join my pack.

Each patron tier also gets a unique color on the discord! Please note: you can opt out of the tier color system and have a default Patron role/color if you don't want everyone to know what tier you're at. Just let me know that you don't want to receive your tier role/color and I will just give you the general role that allows access instead.

In the future, I might also offer the option to choose your own discord role/member color on the server to certain patron levels, but currently that is not available.

Monthly Previews
(a big one!)

Starting at the $5 Shadewalker tier, you will gain access to all-new exclusive looks at my upcoming work! This will include my upcoming fiction and non-fiction books. The previews will be everything from chapters of a book, novellas, and short stories, to sections of non-fiction books such as my werewolf and folklore publications.

I consider this to be one of the most important things I offer on my Patreon. These previews are generally (but not always) rough drafts.

Most previews are 100% exclusive previews a year or even many years ahead to a variety of my future works!

You'll be the first to see and hear about everything I'm working on next, and you'll see these things in their rough iterations; some undergo fairly drastic edits before publication, so you will only see some of them in their original forms right here. You'll also meet upcoming characters long before they are shared with the public.

Special Thanks
(a big deal!)

Starting at the $10 Mooncaller tier, you will receive credit in the Special Thanks section at the back of all my future works (for as long as you remain a patron)! These credits are in alphabetical order by name. I include these special thanks in all my books, both fiction and non-fiction.

If you back me for this tier, please message me on Patreon and let me know how you would like to be credited in future works. You can also opt out of being credited, if you so desire.

Research Questions

Also starting at the $10 Mooncaller tier, you may send me research questions! What exactly does that mean?

Essentially, if you have any questions regarding my research, patrons can send it to me and I'll answer it publicly! You, as the asker, will remain anonymous; I won't name the asker in the post, but I will share your question and my answer.

Feel free to ask me anything about any of my research on these topics:

  • Werewolves in folklore and pop culture
  • Vampires in folklore and pop culture
  • Dragons in folklore and pop culture
  • Folklore in general
  • Other, broader topics; feel free to ask me about anything I study, such as mythology, etymology, perhaps even some other languages with which I am familiar (Latin or even just English/grammar/etc), ancient or medieval culture, and maybe more

Please bear in mind sometimes it can take me a bit of time to get around to answering these, but I will always answer your question(s) and communicate with you any issues I might encounter, etc.

I will always be honest and transparent about any shortcomings in my own research and try to help point you in the best direction to learn more. Research is something I do professionally, especially where folklore is concerned, and my areas of study and education are/were English, writing, rhetoric, and folklore, with an emphasis on werewolves, but I study many other things besides.

To send me a research question, please use the Messages system on the Patreon site itself instead of another program/platform/messenger. This makes it much easier for me to keep up with, so I don't forget anyone's questions.

Also note that I always retain the power to refuse to answer any question for whatever reason without having to explain myself, but hopefully that will not happen.

Please keep your question to 1 solitary question (not a grouping of smaller questions), dependent upon tier:

  • Mooncallers, Huntmasters, and Nightlords may send 1 research question per month.
  • Apex Predators may send 2 research questions per month.

Polls About Next Books
(also a big deal!)

Starting at the $20 Huntmaster tier, I will sometimes post big polls about what I should focus on next. This can include the next novel, short story collection, novella series, stand-alone novella, non-fiction work, etc., and more.

This is a big deal because you will be helping me decide exactly what to focus on for up to the next year or several years! This is a big decision, and your vote very much counts. I always take into account patron voices when deciding my next project(s).

These don't come around too often because I have to publish works in order to continue to new works, but they pop up now and then as I get larger works (novels and other large books) and "shorter" works (novellas, short story collections, etc) published, so they are definitely something to watch out for.

All Books Upon Release (signed) + other exclusives!

Starting at the $50 Nightlord tier, you will receive a signed copy of every book I publish as soon as it is published (for as long as you are a patron) AND any and all physical goodie rewards/promos that I run (for as long as you are a patron)!

The other physical goodies include a variety of things; some I have offered in the past include but aren't necessarily limited to:

  • Custom and exclusive LEGO minifigs of Wulfgard and Nova Refuge characters (and other characters from my potential future fiction)
  • Custom stickers (usually Wulfgard and/or Nova Refuge)
  • Custom bookmarks
  • Signed thank-you cards, often with custom stationary (and fun wax seals)
  • Christmas cards (yay!)

And there might be more stuff in the future, too!

Please note not every book release will be accompanied by other physical goodies.

Writing Prompts
+ all my eternal gratitude

Starting at the $100 Apex Predator tier, you can send me one writing prompt per month!

You can expect my prompt fills to be anywhere from 500 words to 1k words to 1.5k words or so. Please don't expect anything super long or anything approaching short stories. These are meant to be simple.

Rules are as follows:

  • One (1) writing prompt per month
  • All writing must take place in Wulfgard or Nova Refuge (possibly to be expanded as I write other universes, but for now only these two)
  • Prompts cannot be world- or story-breaking, i.e. I will not write a prompt that involves someone killing an important character or whatever else
  • Please keep your prompts short and simple. No outlines, no specifics beyond a prompt and what setting it takes place in, etc.
  • You may specify character(s) you would like to see in the prompt, but it is not required
  • All characters must be existing characters solely created by me (Maegan); sorry, but I will not write about your character or anyone else's character(s) or a nonspecific character made up just for the prompt
  • Keep prompts PG-13
  • I retain the right to refuse a prompt for any reason without the need to explain myself
  • Please send writing prompts via the Patreon message system
  • Apex Predator Lunatics may send me lunatic writing prompts, following all the same criteria and a few more, found here in this post

Of course, you do not have to send any writing prompts if you're not interested, same as research questions.

The biggest thing you'll get out of being an Apex Predator is my eternal gratitude. I honestly wish, deeply, that I had more I knew of to offer to anyone so generous as to support me at this tier.

If there's anything you'd ever like to see at this tier, please don't hesitate to talk to me about it or share your ideas and thoughts, as this kind of support means the world to me.

Lunatic Tiers
(as indicated by the red flare on each applicable tier)

So what is that red flare and what does "lunatic writing" mean, exactly?

Put simply, this means writing that I have no plans to publish anywhere else at any point, for whatever reason. Often, that is reason is because I wrote it just for fun/my own entertainment. Sometimes it's frankly just too weird to be put in anything and/or it has no place in a proper published story that is to be taken seriously. I used to post things elsewhere on the internet that were fun little one-offs, often comical and often exceedingly strange. I don't post those publicly anymore, but I do post them now and then for my Lunatics.

I used to write a lot of just-for-fun prompt fills; lunatic writing is kind of like that. Sometimes I write something silly off the cuff to warm up for a larger session, for instance.

Note that this does not include something like "deleted scenes" for actual published works; I would post those under normal tiers.

Fair warning, it can get pretty darn weird up in the Lunatic sections, so enter at your own risk! And try not to judge me for anything odd you find. Don't worry, none of it is that weird, but just saying.


All I ask in return from my wonderful patrons is that you do not share anything I post exclusively on Patreon. This means no discussion of previews, characters seen therein, sharing of quotes or information, or anything else, outside of the Patron-exclusive channel on the discord and/or on the Patreon posts themselves.

Previews posted on my Patreon are intended for patrons only. They need to maintain exclusivity, absolutely, until I publish these works myself on a public level. This not only includes the story/stories and their events but also the characters and character names and appearances, lore, and everything else, especially as my characters are the centerpiece of my writing.

I hope you'll consider becoming a member of my pack! I would love to have you!

I also welcome questions from patrons and potential patrons; please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

For those who have never used Patreon before:

Support is done via a monthly (recurring!) payment system, based on your chosen tier. For each tier, you will receive different rewards. Please remember that you are under absolutely no obligation to maintain your monthly payment support!

You can change to a lower tier or cancel whenever you like, as it suits you. Any support you can offer is appreciated, and I will never begrudge anyone for lowering their amount or canceling. I certainly understand any monetary issues.

If you're unable to support on Patreon, at least sign up for my free newsletter! Patreon will net you a lot more goodies and more (see below), but you can always stay up to date with my work for free.

(Note: All patrons receive everything and more that is found in my newsletter; I do not encourage supporting patrons to also subscribe to my newsletter, as it will double up.)