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For more info on my Patreon…

What You Get I use my Patreon, first and foremost, as a way to connect with (and reward) my supporters. I will directly communicate with those interested in my work. For all your belief in me and your support of my creative efforts, I do my best to give you back as much as I can.

The rewards include:

Story Previews  – I will sometimes post previews of the rough drafts of my upcoming writing projects. These are to be considered early access, as these stories will be edited and published at a later date (possibly much later, months to years). Please be aware that there may be relatively breaks between previews at times, as I focus on editing works for public publication.

Polls – Polls in which you can help me decide what  project(s) to focus on, the subject of the next Werewolf, Vampire, or Folklore Fact, what my next major folklore research project should be, what my next major article should be, and more.

Send Me Writing Prompts OR Ask for a Doodle!  – Every month, you can send me a new writing prompt of your creation –  or choice, if you find one you like somewhere else – and I’ll write you  a  scene to fill that prompt.

Prompts must be at least relatively simple (and vague), like if you want a prompt about certain characters, please just provide me a simple idea and what characters (try to keep it 1-4) you’d like to see. I will write anything set in Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, or any of my other original settings, and about any characters of your choosing. I will not write about your characters, however, for a slew of personal and professional reasons (sorry!). Go wild – the choice is yours! (Note that the prompt fills I write will be approximately 1k words in length or less, and I reserve the right to refuse a prompt fill and ask for a different one for whatever reason, such as subject discomfort)

OR you can ask me for a simple doodle or sketch instead as your reward! Doodles may vary in type (bust, half body, full body…) and nature/style. If I get super inspired I might even ink or color it! But I’m afraid I can’t guarantee that. Please keep doodle requests simple, one character at the most.

Writing, Art, and Character Journal Access –  A series of posts I make on the Patreon including discussions on my writing process, ideas, behind the scenes look at my characters and  their development, and more. This includes character journals, very in-depth behind the scenes looks at my characters and how they were first created and evolved!

Special Thanks – Credit in a section of all my future self-published works.

Project Previews – See previews of my other upcoming side-projects, such as artwork, a tabletop gaming system, and custom LEGO minifigures.

Wulfgard Store Coupon – A monthly 10% off coupon for the official Wulfgard store.

And, in the future, maybe other things!

There’s a lot of work to be done, and I hope you’ll join me for the journey. I’d love to have you as a member of my wolf pack!

For those who have never used Patreon before: Support is done via a monthly (recurring!) payment system, based on your chosen tier. For each tier, you will receive different rewards. Please remember that you are under absolutely no obligation to maintain your monthly payment support! You can change to a lower tier or cancel whenever you like, as it suits you. Any support you can offer is appreciated, and I will never begrudge anyone for lowering  their amount or canceling. I certainly understand any monetary issues.