BIG UPDATE – Revamped Patreon rewards, new rewards + how those work

Hi, all! Big update time! My other post you just got an alert about is a new reward guide, but here’s the post detailing some of the updates and changes to the Patreon from what you were already familiar with.

Be sure to check out this post explaining the questions and how they work!

1. New Reward: Character Questions

New tier reward that some of you from my Tumblr might enjoy: send me character questions! They will generally be answered in-character (expect them to be, I’ll only make a rare exception). For more details on those and how those work, check out the big guide post I just made.

Character questions start at the Huntmaster tier. The character question will take the place of your 1 monthly research question, if you ask one. Nightlords and Apex Predators get 2 questions per month (character or research).

2. Not-Entirely-New Reward: Research Questions

This is a reward I added a while back but didn’t really talk about much or draw too much attention to. It’s now combined with the new reward of the character question(s).

Research questions are related to real-world research of some kind. This can be werewolves, vampires, other folklore, or even something else you know I study (mythology, some elements of ancient or medieval history, or even etymology, grammar, or some of the languages I study, like Latin). Go wild. I’ve got a lot rattling around up here.

Mooncallers can send me 1 research question per month. Huntmasters can send me 1 research OR character question per month. Nightlords and Apex Predators can send me 2 research OR character questions per month.

3. Edited Reward: Discord server role colors

Colors! Currently, these are the new role colors per Patreon tier on the Werewolf Haunt discord server. If you aren’t a member already, you should join! You’re free to lurk. We don’t mind lurkers.

You may opt out of these tier colors, if you don’t want to show your tier. You will receive a generic Patron role instead that’ll give you all the role access you’ll get normally. Just let me know that you don’t want the tier colors.

All patrons also will, as always, have access to patron-exclusive channel(s).

Other smaller updates include, but aren’t limited to, a shortened and hopefully more comprehensive and approachable Patreon description.

Until next time!