In this section, you'll find lots of my world-building information, including the lore behind the various universes I've created and/or had a hand in creating, especially Wulfgard and Nova Refuge. I'll be featuring a few of my favorite articles here on my site (especially those that do not yet have a home on their own site somewhere), while also providing links to the existing wikis for other universes.

Wulfgard Wiki

This is the official wiki for my dark fantasy universe, Wulfgard. I wrote or helped write all the pages for this wiki, and I'm very likely to include a few of my character pages and the Werewolf page here on the site later - or you can just go to the wiki and navigate around to find those yourself! This wiki is currently still undergoing a lot of revisions from some older information, and I'll be posting site updates from now on about its progress and any new articles.

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Nova Refuge - The Wrognoth

The Wrognoth are a species of mammalian aliens in the sci-fi universe of Nova Refuge. This article will be hosted on the official Nova Refuge wiki, when the NR site is updated to have a wiki under its own domain (similar to the Wulfgard wiki). Artwork to be added at a later date.

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