New World-building section, Overwatch rant, & more updates coming this week

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January 3, 2017
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January 11, 2017

New World-building section, Overwatch rant, & more updates coming this week

This week, I have a brand new site section to offer – as well as a few other goodies, and the promise of more later this week.

First off, that new section: World-building. You can find it under the Writing section of the site menu. So far, I’ve included links to the official Wulfgard wiki and more information about it, since I’ve written or helped write almost every article there (along with my brother, Justin “Saber-Scorpion,” of course). A lot of the Wulfgard wiki is still undergoing some revisions, though, and some of the info is outdated, but I’m slowly pecking away at fully revising the wiki to be up to date (the Vampires article is, in particular, still under revision right now).

I’ve also added a brand new article I just recently finished writing, this one about the Wrognoth, a mammalian wolf-man species in the sci-fi universe of Nova Refuge. I’m very happy with how the article turned out, and I’m excited to get the Wrognoth out there more, especially as they feature in several stories of mine that I have yet to share, and they’re going to play a role later in The Legend of Saber-Scorpion series. More on that later!

For future updates, I can promise I’ll have more for you later this week – some of it, maybe, very soon! You can expect to see the third chapter in Echoes of the Mage-Emperor early next week or by the end of this coming weekend. I also have a surprise in store that I’ll post links to once the article goes public on another site, so keep an eye out for that update!

I also have a lot of other updates in store, including some artwork I’ve been drawing over my winter break, various other short stories, and the first chapter of my thesis, which I recently completed! I’m still proofreading it, and I’m beginning work on the second chapter, as well. The first chapter covers werewolves in antiquity, including pre-history, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. I’ll have that posted very soon.

For now, I’ll finish this post off with a fun video and an accompanying, small rant. I occasionally play Blizzard’s latest game, Overwatch – I gave it a shot since I’ve been an off-and-on WoW player for many years now, I played StarCraft II and Warcraft III back when, along with other Blizzard games, like Diablo II.

Overwatch is pretty fun, although I have my nitpicks and qualms with it… like why there are no young, sexy men in it except for the one now-not-even-canon-to-the-silly-story “young” skin for Soldier: 76, the Strike-Commander Morrison skin. I had to buy the Origins edition just for it, since Strike-Commander Morrison is easily the best thing about the entire game! Let’s face it, this game is based around character design more than anything else, so permit me to rant about this issue real quick…

If only Soldier wasn’t a grouchy old man in the game and we got more than just one young skin for him (like Ana, who gets two).

The game is sexist in a way most people don’t think about or bother with, in that they cater only to the male audience, and the female audience gets nothing, instead of Blizzard also including a bunch of hot guys in addition to the very wide variety of sexy females. Overwatch has a female character to appeal to all the different tastes of assorted males – cute ones, sexy ones, small ones, big ones, buff ones, chubby ones, tough ones, gentle ones… you name it, she’s there.

Why can’t we have some for everybody? I’d like to have a really awesome, sexy dude I can play as other than just one skin for Soldier that isn’t even canon in the present time period (and he’s still running around dropping comments about how old he is, so the skin isn’t even robust enough to change his voice lines, like some skins do), since every guy who plays this game gets to argue over who who’s the best waifu since they get to pick.

Instead, most of the males in the game are any combination of hideous, have their faces covered all the time, old, or at least greying, and they certainly don’t have this wide, sexualized variety that the females do. I’m not even saying the sexualized females in Overwatch bother me (they don’t), I’m saying let’s reach out to audiences beyond just gamer dudes. Some of the characters Blizz adds to Overwatch should be young, strong, attractive males of various types and with a variety of fun skins, in the same way that there are so many different female characters and customization thereof, since – frankly – the game is largely based around you totally loving your character and wanting to make tons of fan art. Blizzard is good at that sort of thing.

I guess we gamer ladies should consider ourselves lucky that Blizzard included at least the one Strike-Commander skin at all… But I could write an entirely separate post on this sort of thing, both in relation to Overwatch and about a lot of games in general.

Anyway, so as you can imagine, I main Soldier (and by Soldier I mean Strike-Commander Morrison) when I play and get to pick my hero. I occasionally dabble in other characters – like Winston, Zarya, Torbjörn, D.Va, Zenyatta, Ana, and several others, including Junkrat when my crappy internet connection at my home is not allowing me to do much anything for latency – but I never enjoy it as much and I’m never as good at it as I am just Soldier-ing.

I always want to remember to record my various Soldier Plays of the Game, but I always forget before I quit and lose the highlight reels, or else – like last night – I’ll remember but most of them will glitch and not even display properly. I’m just glad this one worked and I remembered to record it, so: enjoy, and keep an eye out for more updates very soon!

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