The Werewolf: Past and Future, Chapter IV – The Moon Waxes: The Werewolf Popularity Surge

The Werewolf: Past and Future, Chapter III – Werewolves Go Feral: The Transition into Modernity
February 12, 2017
Lots of News: Wulfgard (free ebook this week, map, wiki updates), Echoes revisions, thesis Chapter 5, and more
March 9, 2017

Another update! I’m still working hard on the rough draft of my thesis, The Werewolf: Past and Future. I could expand every single chapter considerably from what they already are, but I’m already well over my requirements, and I’m actually taking too long to write each one! You can definitely expect an expanded version of this thesis later, though, when I’m not working in such a tight time-frame… and possibly when I’m submitting it to another university to get my PhD.

I’ve now added Chapter IV of my thesis to the site, which you can find here:

Chapter IV – The Moon Waxes: The Werewolf Popularity Surge

This chapter definitely could be far longer than it is, but in trying to keep things focused primarily on modern works of fiction that have defined modern-day conceptions of werewolves, re-popularized werewolves, or portrayed werewolves in a benevolent instead of malevolent light, I’ve left quite a few things out and tried to keep it trimmed only to the most important works.

I’ve also gone back and edited the pages for each of the chapters in The Werewolf: Past and Future and improved the formatting.

I haven’t really had time to focus on getting any other updates posted, unfortunately. I have some more Echoes chapters written, however, and I plan to post the latest one soon.

That said, I may be rearranging my schedule in the near future to focus less on site updates and more on writing the second installment in The Prophecy of the Six series. Details coming soon.

Keep an eye out for future updates. Until next time!

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