Werewolf Thesis Update – Introduction

STORY UPDATE – Echoes, Chapter II – Best Left Buried
December 26, 2016
New World-building section, Overwatch rant, & more updates coming this week
January 10, 2017

Hey, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying 2017 so far. I’m continuing my determination to make 2017 a better year for me than 2016 was.

And that includes weekly updates! I’m still trying to pick an actual day to have these updates, so they’re a bit random right now, but I’m working on that as I gather more material to post on a consistent basis. You can expect the next few weekly updates to include, primarily, the following:

  • Updates to the Academic Writing section as I return to work very soon – especially the brand new section for my thesis (The Werewolf: Past and Future) that I’ll be talking more about in just a moment
  • New chapters in Echoes, although their posting rate will slow somewhat as I don’t want to totally use up all the chapters I wrote last year in weekly updates. More on my schedule for this shortly.
  • Artwork updates as they come; I may be using artwork updates to fill in for the others, now and then, if I get behind. I may also throw in a few at random, instead of only including this in weekly updates.

And that’s mostly it! I’m working on several short stories, but I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to finish those, as there are quite a few. I should have one of those for you very soon, though. Also, very soon, expect a big update with lots of worldbuilding info for the sci-fi universe of Nova Refuge, as I’ve finished a large article about a species of alien called the Wrognoth. I’ll be posting that here – hopefully – next week!

So I ran a little poll on my personal Twitter (be sure to click the link at the top of the site and follow me, if you haven’t! That’s where I hang out the most, in terms of social media), and the results were interesting. Since an update on my thesis was one of the winners, and since I wrote this introduction before Christmas and I will continue working on my thesis for the next several months, here’s that update.

I’ve added a new section under Academic Writing called The Werewolf: Past and Future. It includes a it more info about my thesis itself, as well as a chapter guide. So far, the only chapter uploaded is the Introduction.

Bear in mind that the thesis is very much a work in progress. I’ll be uploading new chapters as I write them, but none of it is finalized until I’ve graduated, at which point I’ll post the final version in its entirety. Consider this a working draft.

That’s all for now! For those of you eager for the third chapter in Echoes, I’ll be posting that either next week or the week after. As I figure out the best way to shape my weekly updates schedule, things may get moved around oddly, so we’ll see how that all goes. But stay tuned – things have just gotten interesting!

Thanks for reading; until next time.

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