Rough Draft Complete! – The Werewolf: Past and Future

Lots of News: Wulfgard (free ebook this week, map, wiki updates), Echoes revisions, thesis Chapter 5, and more
March 9, 2017
A look ahead…
April 11, 2017

Hi, everyone! I’m very happy to say that the rough draft of my thesis, The Werewolf: Past and Future, is now complete! I have uploaded every chapter to the site now, including two new sections:

Conclusion – Turning the Tables


Bear in mind, of course, that this was all just the rough draft. My thesis is still undergoing review by a committee, and I am now working on a second draft to show to them. However, I won’t update this site with every single draft. For now, I’m going to leave the rough draft up here until sometime in late April or early May, at which point I will have the full, complete, final version of my thesis, which I will then make available.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my thesis as I update it – it means the world to me! I hope you’ve found it informative, interesting, and thought-provoking. Stay tuned for the final rendition!

Also, as much as I would love to offer reviews for every source, story, movie, game, etc. in the bibliography, there’s no time for that now (but I’m seriously hoping to start posting reviews of various werewolf media in the future). Keep in mind, as you can probably guess, that not everything in there is actually worth reading/watching/etc. (I’m largely talking about the entertainment portions, like the movies and novels). If anyone is curious which ones might actually be worth their time, drop me a line and I’d love to talk about it.

As for further updates, I’ll keep everyone posted. Right now, I do not have enough free time to do much anything, as I’m focusing solely on my academic work… as well as some writing projects, some of which are not yet announced. I’ll try to let everyone in on my plans very soon, especially as I draw closer to graduating and receiving my Master’s degree. Until next time!

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