Werewolf Thoughts: Benevolent Werewolves, Rambling Edition
September 11, 2016

Site Launch

At long last, I have my own personal site! Some of you may know me already from various other places across the internet. This will become my personal little corner, where I can fangirl and ramble without disturbing anyone else. And I do plan to do those things. Here’s a bit more info on what you can expect…

  • Everything about werewolves, including werewolves in pop culture, reviewing werewolf films and werewolves in various video games, and werewolf legends in history
  • Updates on my progress writing various new stories
  • New stories and novels, as I write them, new artwork as I make it, etc. (more on those things later in this post)
  • My thoughts on various creative things in general, such as writing, finding inspiration, and more
  • My thoughts on countless nerdy topics – as I am a proud nerd – including, but not limited to, video games, movies, and roleplaying
  • Related to that last one, endless fangirling about certain topics on which I could write academic-style essays, such as the video game series Uncharted and the TV show Chuck. I’ve always wanted to do some more in-depth analysis of various elements from those two things in particular, so if I can ever find the time to do that, you can expect some of those in the future
  • News in general about assorted things I care about
  • Lastly, I may even post about how profoundly a few moments in my life have touched me and helped shape both what I do and who I am; the first one I can think of off the top of my head is, without a doubt, seeing She Loves Me in NYC this summer and meeting Zachary Levi afterward
  • Whatever else I think of that I feel like posting

I have a lot of topics I can always talk about, obviously, although I admit I don’t always have enough time to talk about them, since I’m currently working toward getting my Master’s in English as both a graduate student and an instructor at my university.

I am, as always, working on more projects than I can actually handle right now. My first novel, The Prophecy of the Six: Knightfall, is indeed the first installment in a series, and I am (and have been for many years) working hard on a sequel to that. In addition to that sequel, I’m also working on a series of young adult paranormal novels, and I hope to share more info about those soon, as I’ve had that as a project for many years now as well.

Currently, however, aside from my academic studies and duties, I’m focusing on a story I’ll be posting online for free in periodic updates. That story is entitled Wulfgard: Echoes of the Mage-Emperor. You can find a few pages about it on my site already, but they are currently incomplete, as I have yet to begin posting installments. Expect an announcement about that at some point in the coming months.

Last but not least, be sure to follow me on assorted social media for updates! Like my page on Facebook (or, as I call it, Facebonk), follow me on Twitter, follow my Amazon author page, and all that jazz. You can find links to my social media accounts at the bottom of nearly every page on this website. For those of you who choose to follow me on Twitter, I’d like to apologize in advance for how much nonsense I can post occasionally (especially how much I fangirl about Zachary Levi).

To conclude, the site is still partially under construction, so various glitches are still being worked out and some pages are not yet complete, but the core of the site is still here. Feel free to click around and explore my books, artwork, and LEGO creations.


  1. Nightstalker says:

    The site looks nice! I am really interested to see some of your rantings on werewolves, especially when it comes to how they are portrayed in media today.

  2. Jared says:

    Congratulations on your successful launch! The site looks great, will most certainly be checking it regularly.

  3. Ryoma says:

    Your site looks fantastic. 🙂 I wish I had web design skills! Best of luck as you go forward.

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