This section is dedicated not to stories I have published for sale as physical books or ebooks, etc., but instead stories that I have posted online for free (though some may be published elsewhere in the future, while others may appear in published short story collections). These stories can come in various forms, including short stories and longer tales that I will update periodically with chapter installments.

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Wulfgard: Echoes of the Mage-Emperor

fantasy, 2016-

The ordinary guy and bookworm Zacynthos "Zac" Arcadian becomes the right man in the wrong place when he has a fateful encounter with the ancient and infamous Mage-Emperor Ildrius. The change in his life leads him to become involved in unusual adventures, often with the aid of some newfound and unlikely allies in the court of the Imperial city of Artorius.

Installments of this story are posted online for free, to be compiled and published at a much later date. Echoes of the Mage-Emperor, however, is not intended to tell as concise a story as a single novel; instead, it has a main, overarching plot, as well as multiple plots spanning many different adventures. Think of it as a serialized story or a TV show. Check back for updates every four weeks!

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Chuck - Werewolf Chuck Vignette

fan-fiction (fantasy, romance), 2016

This is just a little vignette type thing I wrote up for fun one night, based on the NBC TV show Chuck, which is one of my single favorite things on the entire planet (as mentioned in assorted blog posts). It's basically "what if Chuck was a werewolf?" It's almost Teen Wolf style, only he isn't public about his lycanthropy (yet?). I'm obsessed with werewolves and I like to wonder what my favorite characters would be like if they were werewolves, so - here's a little exploration of that. I personally think Chuck would make an adorable werewolf, but I'm biased. Enjoy!

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Wulfgard: Wrought in Gold

fantasy, 2014

A short story written for a course about the philosophy of Ayn Rand, in order to convey objectivism via medieval fantasy fiction.

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Nova Refuge: Human Intelligence

sci-fi, 2017

A short vignette written in about 40 minutes, to showcase a character of the Wrognoth species.

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