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October 1, 2016
Inktober 2016 – Week 1, Artwork Section Update
October 8, 2016

New Story, and the #SaveChuckAgain Campaign

Hey, all! In light of the #SaveChuckAgain campaign on Twitter, I decided to write some Chuck fan-fiction just for fun and to throw in some more support for the show. By the way, the #SaveChuckAgain campaign is headed by Zachary Levi and has been supported by a bunch of the other actors. Here’s some more info:

On November 1st, Netflix is planning to remove Chuck from its streaming service. This absolutely shouldn’t happen, for all the reasons in the world. I just recently wrote a blog post discussing how Chuck changed my life in so many ways, all for the better: it’s given me a constant source of happiness and inspiration, it’s helped me through dark times (and it will continue to do so), and long story short, I see it as so much more than just a TV show. Chuck changed my life and it’s very literally helped me to become a better person. It should stay on Netflix if not just because I’m not the only person who feels this way, and there are still so many more lives out there that Chuck could touch, so many people that need that light in their lives. That’s why we need to save Chuck again.

So be sure to go tweet your support for #SaveChuckAgain on Twitter, if you haven’t already! All the fans need to rally to support and get Netflix’s attention. If anyone can do it, it’s the Chucksters! I’m also rewatching a lot of Chuck on Netflix to give it more view numbers.

Back to the site update, It’s not much, really – it’s just a little vignette that’s sort of a “what if Chuck was a werewolf?” situation. It’s almost Teen Wolf style, only he isn’t public about his lycanthropy (yet? If I ever do continue it in some way). I’m obsessed with werewolves and I like to wonder what my favorite characters would be like if they were werewolves, so – here’s a little exploration of that. I personally think Chuck would make an adorable werewolf, but I’m biased. Enjoy! You can find the story here.

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