Assorted updates, plus Inktober 2017

BIG update – New Echoes chapter, cover art, announcement, and updates to artwork sections
August 19, 2017
READ ME! Tumblr active, revamping Patreon, site rework is next
August 10, 2018

Assorted updates, plus Inktober 2017

Finally, another update! I apologize for the silence. I’ve been staying updated on my social media and keeping my Patreon updated, as well, but I’ve let my website fall horribly behind.

So here’s a quick rundown of a few things I’ve done lately…

First off, I’ll be adding a new section to the site soon to hold assorted little tidbits of my writing, such as when I fill out writing prompts. I’ve only done a few so far, but I’m planning to do more in the future. I’ve found them very fun and great for warming up before a longer writing session. Most of the ones I’ll be posting will be Wulfgard, most likely.

But, more importantly, at least right now, I’m trying my hand at Inktober again! I’ve already missed a few days, but I’m happy with some of the artwork I’ve produced, regardless. I’ve updated all of my art galleries (except for colored drawings) with new content, which I’ll also include in this post.

Please be sure to follow me on my various social media platforms for more frequent updates (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt, Instagram [though I don’t update this nearly as often as I should], etc., and of course my Patreon, where you’ll also get exclusive behind-the-scenes updates). I am, of course, always reachable via SSLF, as well.

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