Echoes – Chapter III now available!

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January 22, 2017
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January 28, 2017

Echoes – Chapter III now available!

Finally, I’ve posted the third chapter in Wulfgard: Echoes of the Mage-Emperor! You can find it here:

Chapter III – The Return of the Mage-Emperor

Be sure to check it out! Sorry for the delays. I’m finally getting into something of a routine with my new schedule, I hope, and things should become more regular from here on out, but I’m still dedicating as much time as possible to writing my thesis. Expect to see the second chapter in that very soon, I hope – probably for my next update.

Until next time! Be sure to leave your thoughts on Echoes either in comments here on the blog post, or in the story’s discussion thread on the Wulfgard forums.

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