Academic Writing Updates – “Dream of the Rood” Translation & “The Vampyre” Article

Artwork Updates & New Academic Writing Section
November 12, 2016
Weekly Updates Begin – Wulfgard: Wrought in Gold
December 9, 2016

Academic Writing Updates – “Dream of the Rood” Translation & “The Vampyre” Article

Hey, all! It sure has been quiet here in my little corner of the internet. Sorry about that. I’m still very busy finishing up my third semester as a graduate student, but as things draw to a close, I’m hoping for more updates and more content, including the long-delayed Echoes of the Mage-Emperor, at least one Nova Refuge short story, some more artwork, and possibly some more material.

For now, all I have for updates is two new additions to the Academic Writing section, as that’s all I’ve gotten to work on lately. However, one was a very fun and interesting experience for me, and it’s very different from the other articles you can find there.

I translated the Old English poem “The Dream of the Rood.” I attempted to make it a very literal translation, so it’s probably very different from any you might have read, as many other translators take great liberties with verb tense and number, nouns, etc. I directly translated this version of the poem myself and examined each word individually, so it was quite a painstaking process.

Secondly, I’ve also uploaded one of my larger pieces of work from this semester, an article entitled “The Immortality of ‘The Vampyre,'” which examines a short story by John Polidori for its influences upon popular culture today, as well as how ancient legends influenced (or may have influenced) the story itself.

As always, there’s more info about each individual work on their separate pages.

Hopefully I’ll have some more entertaining updates for you in the future, so until next time!

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