This section is for LEGO creations based on the TV show Chuck. So far, I have made Chuck, Sarah, and Casey in their promotional season 1 outfits, but I plan to make more in the future (including the Buy Morons, Awesome, Ellie, and other outfits for Chuck, Sarah, and Casey). Enjoy!

The image of the other Chuck minifig is one quick cell phone pic of the first Chuck Bartowski (also occasionally known as the Intersect) that I made, back in July. Since I no longer have this minifig, and I was in a rush, I just took one quick picture and made another one for myself much later.

Chuck is currently streaming on Netflix, by the way. If you've never seen it, you should definitely make time to watch it. It's my favorite TV show and, frankly, the best show I've ever seen (and better than pretty much all movies and video games and what-have-you, as well). It's one of my favorite things, of all the things. Ever. It has an absolutely perfect cast, to boot. So give it a watch - you won't regret it. It's everything to love about... well, anything - all rolled up into one!