Big update! Art galleries revamped and updated, Patreon news

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July 9, 2017
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August 19, 2017

Big update! Art galleries revamped and updated, Patreon news

Got some big updates today! After many delays and complications, I’ve finally updated the galleries here on my site! That means I’ve also uploaded tons of new artwork that previously could only be found on my social media and my DeviantArt account. So this is a friendly reminder to follow me on those places, too (especially here, and here is also good), and be sure to watch me on DA for immediate art updates.

You can also check my Patreon for immediate updates, if you get impatient waiting for site posts. I post a lot more frequently on my Patreon than I do here, although I’m hoping to even out my posts everywhere and post more often in general.

Anyway, on to the update!

First up, every artwork page has been rebuilt to house a better gallery system and some prettier navigation. I’m going to try to keep my site’s art galleries updated more often, now that I have them back. You can find improvements to the following pages: the Artwork hub, Colored Artwork, Drawings, Sketches, Inked Artwork, and LEGO Creations.

I’ve also uploaded some new art, in case you missed it elsewhere! Here’s a quick rundown. Be sure to check each gallery for larger versions:

A Viking longship on a river.

Lye and Kye, the twin demon Princes of Pain, from Wulfgard. Patreon supporter request/reward sketch.

Agni Bloodrune, a dwarf from an Errant RP campaign I am running.

A “munchkin” dragon I drew for a birthday.

A 30-minute speed sketch of a dragon in flight.

Werewolf Kyle Crane from Dying Light.

A dragon head sketch.

Colored werewolf Kyle Crane from Dying Light.

Colored troll warrior from World of Warcraft.

Not all of the individual LEGO creation sections have been fully revamped, though I may do those in the future. I did, however, add one new image to the Resident Evil gallery, which is this one:

“Gimme an egg.”

Otherwise, my biggest update to remind you about is simply my Patreon. I’ve posted lots of updates there since my last site update, including writing journals and art journals with in-depth looks at my work (including upcoming Wulfgard LEGOs), and I have a lot more planned. You can find lots more buttons to it floating around on the site, like this one:

This is because my Patreon is a great place to help me out, if you’re interested in my work! You’ll get fun rewards and benefits if you support me there, including exclusive early access to my upcoming work, as well as exclusive access to work I’m not planning to ever release publicly! See the Patreon page itself for more details. I’m currently planning a behind-the-scenes look at Echoes of the Mage-Emperor as my next Patreon writing journal, so stay tuned for that, as well – and you can expect to see lots more behind-the-scenes features of my work and my characters.

Expect more artwork updates in the near future as I get back on my feet, as well as the return of Echoes of the Mage-Emperor, now with cover art by my brother, Saber-Scorpion.

See you next time!

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